Some wish it forever, the smart and clever
Never have I heard one claim, with true intent “I wish to be old.”
The bold are with grace, the young faces of curiosity
are with mischievous animosity

To want to be young again
with pen and pad, pencil sharpened to never quit
Darkened from mud baths and playing on foot paths
in full commitment

Bathing in the luxuries of true friendships
of short lived enemies
reliving moments
of youth in anonymity

A Ravenous Youth

The hunger for more
the desire for less
an appetite diminished in our youth.

Trapped within themselves, in a booth of human build
filled with the burst of energy
but quickly dispersed, viewed as an enemy

My bold youth, do not be disheartened
smartened you will remain
the mundane you shall avoid through pleasure, thorough pain
And carefully caress the window panes of life
on rainy days,
to burst out of caves on sunny displays
showing the world you will prevail