Book Release: Glass Streams

Hi all! Here is the link to my second collection of short stories titled “Glass Streams”.
It’s available for only $3,99 as an eBook (paperback coming soon!).
There are a total of 17 short stories in this collection. I’m very excited to finally publish this book!
“Glass Streams is a collection of short fiction stories written by Shashank Mane. Stories and plots are based around an eclectic mix of characters from all walks of life. The stories range from situations of war and love to old age and longing. Adventures unfold in various locations around the world with themes of displacement, isolation, and hardship often present. The stories have been written between 2015 and 2019. This collection is suitable for lovers of literary fiction. Glass Streams is Shashank Mane’s second collection of short stories.”


The blooming spring sings seductive songs through the cracked window. A chirping of sparrows, the dust from gravel scattered asphalt roads, the sparkling of sunshine over the hill extend the arms of spring, putting an end to the cold hands of winter. The months through ice and snowfall are now touched by rare spurts of the coming spring season, so often sparse and erratic through the world. It is a pleasant arrival, flourishing in the presence of light jackets and the disappearance of rugged snow boots.

Seasons are a true experience, awaited patiently one after the other. There is a usually a pursuit of the oncoming season, towards the end of the one passing. Spring is a special touch upon a land so often immersed in all that is cold. It is a rebirth, a spawning, and springing of life across the forests and cities. Seagulls and sparrows, flowers and fauna grow and signal seasonal change through the arrival of warmer life.

The abundance of white scenery across land recedes, giving way to the slow surfacing greens and browns. Walking into the retreating whiteness, the leaves and grass take hold around footing, growing onto feet and eyes like thickened moss until there is a complete change in landscape and the snows are no longer to be found. As clothes grow lighter with passing days, the trees grow thicker and livelier with each sparkling morning. This is the birth of spring, soon to blossom into a full swing of warmer life.