Mission Street 2016

A street with two sides, separated by wealth of old and new, and changes that occur over time. A shift in the socioeconomic, a corner for drugs just as a corner for the up and coming, the new and fortunate. The older residents march the streets in pursuit of their lives, the fresh and young do not have a minute to spare in their busy, ceaseless world.

This is a pearl in the heart of the city. The old styled stores carrying merchandise from mixed fabrics, worn and unbranded. The joys are in the essential for America’s fringe, along for the ride in the heart of the mission district. What is a life spent on the streets of San Francisco, a city for all the poor, the young, the rich, and those who are vulnerable and marginalized to the ways of the world?

Surrounded by beauty, by concrete, by foggy street lights and sights that often miss eyes, it a pleasant place for a break indeed.

Watching scenes unfold from balcony windows, the nighttime chatter in the bustle of evenings. Restaurants serving great meals welcome guests for the evening. A small bar hosts a couple in a window booth. They engage in their drinks and the city. Life is abundant, never to sleep on Mission Street.