In between the rain drops

I wasn’t sure if she knew I existed or if she was sure that I didn’t. I would walk past everyday like clockwork. She happened to be on my route to work and appeared in a hundred fragments, every day more beautiful than the next. I was usually dressed the same, in my work clothes having achieved a false sense of purpose in my walk. My intents and ambitions had long faded and I wasn’t sure if there was any fire left within my dulled, tired eyes.

Still, I would walk and look over, embarrassed but mostly curious. Beauty had long surpassed my understanding. I stared without knowing, giving away what little I could hide from the world in those moments steeped in my slow march. She was a clear patch on a day where clouds were the norm. I thought I could appreciate her like wind blowing through on a warm day at the beach, just enough to let me know that there was a little hope yet to spark a small fire in my belly and bring back the beat to my slowly ticking but long-buried heart. All I ever had to do when I saw her was straighten my shoulders and come out of my slouch, just for a few seconds so I could stand tall and walk past absorbing the rays of beauty the day had to offer.

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