Live Laugh Love

Johnny ran fast as a bolt of lightning across the yard. He had a stack of cash in his hands but more importantly, his father’s undivided attention. Johnny ran and ran until he reached the end of the road, where beyond a barrier leading out to a small cliff, he fell into a small outlet, miraculously avoiding a hundred-foot drop in the process. He was just beyond the reach of his father’s helping hand. The fire brigade was called and before long, a scene of drama had erupted over the neighborhood, accompanied by flashing lights and police cars.

The firemen looked down onto Johnny as if he was a cat stuck in a tree. He would need a little coaxing and a helping hand to get back up from the cliff. Johnny stood on the edge of the cliff laughing. His father watched horrified, an eye on his son and the other on his pile of money. There were over a thousand dollars in Johnny’s hands. The men kept asking Johnny to hold still and Johnny kept refusing. He thought it was all a game. The mischief rose within him the more attention he received.

With a little planning, the men decided to place a small ladder to reach Johnny and to pull him back by quickly grabbing his arm. They executed the plan in swift action but as they grabbed Johnny, who was trying to count the money to keep himself entertained and had his back turned to the men, he let out a laugh and hurled the twenty-dollar bills across the gorge. A rainfall of bills made their way down into the valley as Johnny made his way up into safety. His father let out a scream and Johnny let out a spluttering giggle. This was the most fun game he had played with his father in a long time.

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