For every breath saved

Some use words as weapons
others weigh their sentences by the syllable
words can be used to empower
or be used by cowards to belittle

Words can hit harder than bricks
especially when delivered by those we hold dear
we are often marked with invisible wounds
most crimes are committed by those we consider near

Some speak when spoken to
others are silent until enraged
a few can talk to no end
unable still to find people that are really engaged

There are some who are wise with words
many talk for the sake of banter
teasing and laughing much to the distress of others
hate speech is not free speech it’s slander

If we didn’t have words on our tongue
we’d find other ways to argue through our lives
we’d judge people more by the weight of their actions
There would be other ways to abuse power and make up lies

People say their word is their bond
others say words are the way to their heart
a few try to keep their mouths shut and ears open
only to search through others’ words for a way to be smart

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