Simple Money

Simplicity in human form
comes in many shapes
of skin, flesh and bones

Brains and skin tones
are often not equal

we are all unique
in our ability  
to manipulate the world
for what we need

…but more importantly
for what we want to have
for things we have learned to want
from others

They say “Money doesn’t buy happiness”
it certainly buys everything else
they say money doesn’t grow on trees
what they mean
is that their money doesn’t grow on trees
paper, after all, is all one needs

If I had all the money in the world
I would be sure to share some
so that I don’t find myself
at the unfortunate end
of a stranger’s loaded gun

If I was the last man on the planet
money wouldn’t buy anything
If I was the only man on the planet
without money
well, that’s a whole other thing

There is nothing wrong with “greed”
isn’t that only the opinion of others?
it is human to give but mostly take
there is much about life still to discover

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