The ways of man

There are many ways
to tell men apart

their hair, their size
words and eyes

their choice of curses
taste in food

if they relish silence
how they react to their mood

how they spend their dollars
if they want to impress others

if they’re kind to their lovers
how they treat their mothers

are they vulgar?
are they sincere?

what are a few things
that they hold dear?

are they lazy?
are they stressed?

do they hoot and holler
when they see women in a tight dress?

some are generous
some are austere

some are hostile
when others come near

I don’t know all
but I know a few

I know enough about men
as the priests on their pew

men are nasty
men are nice

but they’re just half the story
in the game of life

Simple Money

Simplicity in human form
comes in many shapes
of skin, flesh and bones

Brains and skin tones
are often not equal

we are all unique
in our ability  
to manipulate the world
for what we need

…but more importantly
for what we want to have
for things we have learned to want
from others

They say “Money doesn’t buy happiness”
it certainly buys everything else
they say money doesn’t grow on trees
what they mean
is that their money doesn’t grow on trees
paper, after all, is all one needs

If I had all the money in the world
I would be sure to share some
so that I don’t find myself
at the unfortunate end
of a stranger’s loaded gun

If I was the last man on the planet
money wouldn’t buy anything
If I was the only man on the planet
without money
well, that’s a whole other thing

There is nothing wrong with “greed”
isn’t that only the opinion of others?
it is human to give but mostly take
there is much about life still to discover

A few random thoughts


The positive have a way
of choking reality into silence
the passive and peaceful have a way
of provoking actions most violent

The smart ones are often silent
or maybe silence only signals mystery
the ones at the top are those who slept
through the most important lessons in history

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed
empty vessels make the most noise
the world loves the thought of new ideas
a new world churned out by old boys

There are those who love peace and quiet
others search endlessly for the storm
we are all born without words
but learn to mimic sound for pitch and form

There are those who take vows of silence
monks and criminals are not so far apart
all roads lead to Rome
to find meaning in silence is not for the faint of heart


No one got rich by being generous
a penny saved is a penny earned
experience will turn a warm heart cold
the pinch of poverty is a lesson learned

There is a great drive in some people
it is usually called “hard work” and “persistence”
the truth might be far less glamorous
for a piece of the pie at fame and money’s insistence

We love big packages
though the gift may be quite small
appearances are always important
to make a lasting impression above all


A picture is worth a thousand words
birds of a feather flock together
the Ugly Duckling was never a duck
reflections are the only chance to be seen for the better

Maybe we once came from the same people
it is still wise to be weary of strangers
somewhere along the way we fell apart
sometimes the ones we love are the biggest danger