Living tomorrow today

For years I watched
the world move ahead
sometimes in a hurry
often slowly and labored
from one day to the next

When I was young
I was happy to be
life moved in a day
and tomorrow was filled
with endless dreams

Now I am older
no longer new
no more so fresh
the disappearance of my youth
no longer in mourning

It is easier
to appreciate the mornings
to contemplate the nights
and note the grace
of the changing seasons

Sometimes I think
that if had a choice
I wouldn’t return to the past
I would stay put for the present
knowing contentment isn’t elsewhere

It is in the moment
between thick and thin
on the current page
that hope and happiness
laugh together in the passing breeze

If I turn the pages of life slowly
I’m sure to savor
each passing moment and breath
the taste of today on my lips
the satisfaction of experience in my stomach

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