Don’t talk to them

People don’t talk
to men of a certain age
bearded or clean shaven
balding or nearing gray

people do their best
to stay out of the way
men tend to bring disaster
disappointment and dismay

some look and move on
men are seldom to be trusted
some women know men to be evil
averting eyes refusing to be lusted

children point and stare
some can only laugh
others disgusted or afraid
sure to step out of their lonely path

studied and subdued
aggressive and rude
men of a certain type
rarely bring comfort and certitude

some try their best to understand
these creatures from outer space
others make a good effort
to vacate shared premises to another place

these men these monsters
these men these pigs
these men small and large
these men bothersome and big

men they have no mothers
dirty scoundrels and rotten lovers
don’t turn your back for a second
they’re up to no good under covers

I just so happen to be
one of these strange creatures
an object of precaution
a lesson for wary teachers

I’ll die tall as a man
even though I was little like any baby
It’s the time between birth and death
that’s sure to drive a man like me crazy

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