To destroy and rebuild

Today, the world crumbles slowly under the weight of worry. From pandemics and tightly contested elections to layoffs and protests, the world has inverted the internal horrors it has subjugated for so long into an external manifestation around the world. Everything appears to be falling steadily into the shaky and malicious hands of man-made chaos.

The Coronavirus has already spent a year devastating economies, with deaths, mutations, and second waves whisking into our lives as promised. Employers, feeling the brunt of the economic burden brought on by the virus, are forced to cut their staff while desperately clawing to stay afloat. In India, millions of farmers are protesting the withdrawal of their rights as land owners in perhaps the largest protests of their kind to date. The events and happenings are criminally under-reported given the oppression of journalists and the censorship of unbiased news coverage. Even silence around the world is gripped with tension.

It’s safe to say that the world is no longer safe. It never has been, but with Murphy’s law enacted upon a significant portion of the world’s population, keeping heads above water has temporarily taken hold as the new standard of progress. The reality and surfacing of disease and poverty into the mainstream is choking victims and onlookers. Reaching a level plain of “zero” can be seen as a success in these times.

The world, suspended in the Milky Way, an outpost of the extraordinary but known simply as home to us, is turning faster in fury. Changes are occurring at a rapid pace with technology and innovation serving as constant reminder that older generations will get left behind one way or another. As we struggle to keep up with the ways of the modern world, the increased inter connectivity, and the surge of information and misinformation that has now become a part of our reality, we can only hope that a gentle accord will be reached for a level of normal that the world so desperately craves.

It is impossible to reverse time or travel into the past but the positives on the horizon looming start with a stable leader sworn in at America’s helm. Coronavirus vaccines are fresh and questionable at worst but promise to lead us to a safer tomorrow for the masses. With hopes that the world will come to its senses sooner or later, true peace and progress can yet be achieved through patience and planning. However, people around the world will feel the brunt of the state of current world affairs for years to come.

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