The ponds of freedom

Misery knows not
of happiness and contentment
of blissful bareness
of modest fulfillment

I lay upon the banks of seclusion
my toes dipped in the void
back against the grass and eyes to the skies
anticipating a life without any more surprise

I throw the cloak of deception into the emptiness
hoping it may never return to my skin
bared whole in naked brightness
allowing its fabric the freedom to swim

If I fall asleep into solitude
I may never awake again
dreaming of the magical through the tragic
wondering whether life will once more begin

The weight of words

A brightness hovers upon lips
begging for words to drift upon our ears
for syllables to float across the room in harmony
from the mouths of all who are stuck in the realms
of uninterrupted silence

Words beg for their expression
to be freed into the world
to fall upon the ears of the universe
every sound an opportunity
for thought and sentiment to disperse

Words do not escape those stuck within
gasping for sentences that may never form
helplessly falling deeper into dreams
words do little justice to the speechless
falling softly into the backdrop of quiet scenes

Humans: A case study

I have come across people
silent in all their wit
who would rather trudge through walls
then consider themselves to have quit

I’ve met people who would rather fall
quicker than they can stand
stubborn in their actions
without ever reaching for a helping hand

There are those who do their best
and it’s never really enough
step after step taken in vain
still in there hanging tough

Some have a chip on the shoulder
furious with the world to prove
walking over others without worry
refusing to ever budge or move

A lot of us are sheepish
others are bold and brave
many make mistakes through life
taking their shortcomings to the grave

There are some who are confident
doing their best to impress
others grow cynical with time
and could hardly care less

Most of us are human
with hopes, dreams and struggles
some of us are extraordinary
still filled with worldly troubles

People in their shapes and forms
built in different ways and sizes
uniform and similar as individuals
still filled with a million surprises

An endless enterprise

If you fall and scrape your knees
will the scars heal over
with the worrying lesson of experience?

If you try to crush rocks with your fingers
will the torn flesh on your hands
scab over with wisdom?

If you prick your skin with thorns
will the contents of failure
ooze from your blood?

If there were easier ways
to achieve what you wanted
you certainly would have taken
a path of lesser resistance
upon the insistence of sensibility

You bang your head against the walls
not to break through the cement
but only so they may hear you knocking
against the strength of the impossible
to one day crumble under the weight
of your pounding folly
and the simplicity
of your endless determination

Carried away

The landscape touches the outskirts of existence
looming overhead upon on the fringes of vision
the horizon calls in enchanted shades
firing against skin from the reaches of distance

Even the clouds carry hope
an encompassing of grey blooming above
the sleet unique in its descent
splashing against our dormant contours

Misery knows not of today’s existence
happiness knows well of passing moments
the joy in silence soothing and sublime
descending onto bodies in due time

The Truth

Truth grows upon my body
Illuminating the darkness of my skin
Radiating through each of my pores
Bringing certainty to every vein

If lies had a price anymore
They would retain no purchasers
None would clamor for a piece of deceit
A thief trapped in time unclaimed

Lies know little of true company
Truth wishes to overcome us
The colors of its intention illuminate even our silence
Vivid in its search for a bright and worthy host

I bathe in the tub of truth
Washing in its knowledge
Wading my fingers gently in the few truths I know
Without truth there is little room for growth

A passionate world

Bursting with flames of furious passion
these insides writhe to release into freedom
the world is no longer a cell
no longer a confinement to dwell
the universe is a gift of magic caught in an everlasting eternal spell

Swirling the brush of enchantment over eyes
no longer caught out on the fringes by surprise
the world may often go mad
the world may at times seem sad
the universe still begs us to chase the dreams we always had

Rare are the moments of reverie and daydreams
pursuing the flair of desire on the roads of endless chase
the world beckons us to become
the earth presses us to overcome
the universe in all its mystery never truly wants us to come undone

Standing tall upon the mountains of conquest
looking down to the ground in awe
the world inspires us to tread through the bleak
life holds us to our words when we speak
the universe in all its might still considers each of us unique


The burning lights upon fiery skies
ignite the surface of the moon
refracting the sun to a lonely satellite

Are the craters on the moon
simply a reminder
of dreams buried too soon?

The lunarscape in all its glories
in varied sights and sizes
orbiting an earth filled with darkness and stories

I wave my arms at outer space
expecting no reply
Sitting and watching the stars twinkle
Comets flying past the pupil of my eye

I cannot be sure of much
aside from the infinity of endless space
I can be sure of the planets to keep me company
I can be certain of intergalactic grace

The wilderness of our skies
must be harvested for their endless depth
I reach into the darkness
The stairway to the interstellar is paved with invisible steps

Winter Canvas

A drizzle drops from the clouds
Slowly drowning the voices of winter
A landscape entrenched in shades of black, white and grey
Still speaks in loud tones of the wishes of our day

Hopes don’t die under blankets of snow
They simply find cover underneath the cold where they grow
In the form of ice and frozen waters our lives are purified
In the grips of chills and blizzards our determinations solidified

The icicles hang high picking at our thoughts from the skies
The slippery surfaces beneath our feet ready to catch us falling by surprise
Reveries so lucid are the apple of our dreamy eyes
A frozen canvas of calm colored by nature’s vivid enterprise

To destroy and rebuild

Today, the world crumbles slowly under the weight of worry. From pandemics and tightly contested elections to layoffs and protests, the world has inverted the internal horrors it has subjugated for so long into an external manifestation around the world. Everything appears to be falling steadily into the shaky and malicious hands of man-made chaos.

The Coronavirus has already spent a year devastating economies, with deaths, mutations, and second waves whisking into our lives as promised. Employers, feeling the brunt of the economic burden brought on by the virus, are forced to cut their staff while desperately clawing to stay afloat. In India, millions of farmers are protesting the withdrawal of their rights as land owners in perhaps the largest protests of their kind to date. The events and happenings are criminally under-reported given the oppression of journalists and the censorship of unbiased news coverage. Even silence around the world is gripped with tension.

It’s safe to say that the world is no longer safe. It never has been, but with Murphy’s law enacted upon a significant portion of the world’s population, keeping heads above water has temporarily taken hold as the new standard of progress. The reality and surfacing of disease and poverty into the mainstream is choking victims and onlookers. Reaching a level plain of “zero” can be seen as a success in these times.

The world, suspended in the Milky Way, an outpost of the extraordinary but known simply as home to us, is turning faster in fury. Changes are occurring at a rapid pace with technology and innovation serving as constant reminder that older generations will get left behind one way or another. As we struggle to keep up with the ways of the modern world, the increased inter connectivity, and the surge of information and misinformation that has now become a part of our reality, we can only hope that a gentle accord will be reached for a level of normal that the world so desperately craves.

It is impossible to reverse time or travel into the past but the positives on the horizon looming start with a stable leader sworn in at America’s helm. Coronavirus vaccines are fresh and questionable at worst but promise to lead us to a safer tomorrow for the masses. With hopes that the world will come to its senses sooner or later, true peace and progress can yet be achieved through patience and planning. However, people around the world will feel the brunt of the state of current world affairs for years to come.