Our twisted tongues

The words painted upon my tongue
are brash and imprecise
sometimes defying logic
often caught between realms of wrong and right

Flawed and uncertain
fluid as feelings sparked by whim and weather
Character and morals are the depth of our quarrels
for better or for worse, we are all still stuck together

Conjoined and distant
insistent upon formalities of separation
divisive as the division of classes
repelled by the haunting of our trepidation

The walls speak words so concrete
working better for holding up our distrust for others
our lives are mirrors of reflection
our clothes the distinguishing of our endless covers

If I could vacate the premises of pretensions
I would soon find we all bleed the same color
The cards laid out for all on crooked tables
hand upon hand like the entanglements of lovers

The difficulties in the distance are within reach
Yours are likely similar to mine
Grace and gratitude are coping mechanisms for good reasons
Remember to return poetry in kind

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