The End

I walk up the flight of stairs and through the hallway. The sensor lights come on one after the other as I make my way up each floor. The building is as empty as midnight, bearing no signs of life. Here, I will not be seen, making my way step by step and up through different floors. The lights flicker as they come on, but there is no sign of people. With only a window to the outside, I turn around to look through the large stainless glass, to witness the occurrences of the evening but there are none. The ground outside is cold, peppered with rocks and an unfinished cement sidewalk which has been in the same condition for months.

When I arrive at my door, I turn the keys slowly. There is no rush to enter into anonymity, no need to hurry into silence. The winds outside create a low whistling, with the soothing whooshing of the trees the only sound in the distance. I turn on the light in the doorway and see my reflection in the window. My vision is blurred by distance and weakened eyes, the silhouette of my stature appearing as it always does. I close the front door, turn the lights off and stand quietly in the darkness. I can no longer see anything. I take a couple of steps in through the apartment and find the couch without much difficulty. I put down my work bag, and look in the direction of the wall facing my bed. I am soon engulfed by the darkness, weightless as air as I sit patiently. Emptiness surrounds me and I am left without sense. Slowly, my thoughts leave me one after the other until I am void. I am almost asleep when suddenly, I hear loud voices from the neighboring apartment.
“Surprise!” they scream and shout in unison before clapping.

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