Decisions, Decisions

Today I decided to make a change to my ways
I slept on my left instead of right
I took smaller morsels instead of bigger bites
I walked away from trouble instead of trying to fight

Today I decided that enough was enough
I called out all of my fears’ bluffs
I trashed all of my unnecessary stuff
I threw in the towel instead of wanting to hang tough

Today I decided that there’s little need to care
I didn’t do anything that I said I would dare
I didn’t shave my beard and I didn’t comb my hair
I looked away from all the strangers that wanted to stare

Today I decided that life was a lie
I didn’t get much even though I tried
I listened to everything and still came out surprised
I realized I’m not stupid and that breath is the only prize

Today I decided that I’ve always been wrong
I hummed the lyrics to my favorite songs
I tried my best to smile and play along
All the while still thinking only I can right my world’s wrongs

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