When it rains, it pours

Today, rain falls again after weeks of scorching sunshine. The relief of bearable temperatures begs a calmer mindset as a sense of cool and peace descends down into the city. With the world falling apart in different ways every day, with problems surfacing as they do, a breath of fresh air is one of the few pleasures afforded in these difficult times. The Corona virus has only been the tip of the melting iceberg that is our human existence.

The few bright patches of life are often overshadowed by the problems we face as humans. Perspective is important but life is a journey with us trudging on through the difficult in hopes of better moments. As challenges are toppled, new trails surface to bring adversity to our daily lives. For us animals, the planet provides no promises, only a place to try and survive. The rest is up to us, our strength often wielded through our powerful and equally powerless hands.

When change comes, with hopes and dreams of better futures and prosperity, the short-lived euphoria of good news is quickly exhausted for “reality”, as it is known. We are, after all, destined for many good things in modern society, just as we are promised nothing but the inevitable. It is much more fitting to make life a journey than a destination, with the middle to be savored in spite of circumstance. We do not control much but it is certainly smarter to relish in the little good that we are afforded in trying times.

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