The frail

The cords of life wear down thin and delicate
holding together pieces of existence
dangling above the endless void in frail fortitude

Some exist long into the night
on a prayer into emptiness
baseless as being
hanging by worn threads

Immortal strength
and the frail alike
stand together upon a level life
The strained strands summoning our departure
We are made to be swept away

The damned

The night sky
clear and beautiful
in all its allure and magic
Under planets and stars so fragile
grow pains and woes of the tragic

Sunshine and flowers
stripped of power
the world unveils
to take everything
that was meant to be ours

I lock myself in
push myself out
holding it together
no longer knowing
what this is all about


Guts and Guns

They say freedom has a cost
close to guns and rifles
Breathing is at a loss
when our value is considered trifles

People are worth pennies
wars are worth millions
Good souls are counted one too many
Their bombs target civilians

If people stopped fighting
would life make more sense?
the truth punches like lightning
mass logic defies common sense

We hate others for our skin
their wealth always grander than ours
We debate whether destruction will win
when we take our enemies to wars

They say we’re all in this together
banded in nations, boats, and bars
Some countries change like the weather
They say others are no longer welcome in ours

If we shut out the world and closed our eyes
we would be blind as could be
If we covered ourselves in beautiful lies
surely no one would see through you and me


My friends wouldn’t be friends
if they didn’t do what they do
flawed and imperfect
like you and me too

If they didn’t have troubles
If they didn’t make mistakes
I’m not sure we’d be friends
running from the trouble we make

Life is full of friends
so many to count and choose
big and tall, small and round
together with nothing to lose

I have friends in all corners
the world is a large place
If I was ever in trouble
It’d be with friends I’d save face

I’ve had friends in high places
I know friends in bad situations
I have friends in debt and worry
I have friends in isolation

Is it earned through trust
or is it love at first sight?
I don’t know how I make friends
but the friends I make are just right

The Struggle

Life is a little crooked
like lines drawn over dunes of sand
The intention in a wayward punch
like the fingers on a shaking hand

You’ll pay up a million
still always be a little short
Hell hath no fury like debt
only mercy separates us from the rulers of the courts

Give them the shirt off your back
and the food in your plate
That’s not what they really want
There are better things they’d rather take

Inflamed from sinister touches
blatant is the blister that sits upon our crooked noses
rubbed like a genie’s lamp
struck upon for good luck for our different poses

Sometimes I think
that money will never suffice
Some of us are inconsolable
Remaining that way for the rest of life

Some struggle hard
life still leaves them always wanting
Some make others suffer
to fulfill their unfulfilled haunting

If roses are red
violets are really blue
I’d be true as my crooked nose
that was once just as straight as you

All my wonderful dreams

All my dreams have shattered
One after the other put to rest
Like plates prepared for a big party
Dropped to the ground in front of guests

I stare at the mess I’ve made
The remains I will trash when they leave
The hopes and wishes dashed
Piled together for me to grieve

Nothing is forever
Sometimes we get nothing at all
I stand small spilling detergent
Washing away the stains of the dreams withdrawn

Some locks are without mercy
When positivity is the key
Some possibilities are endless
But always out of reach for me

I’ll return to picking up my shattered plates
When I’ve looked through them enough
They say hanging tough is necessary
Life is nothing but smoke and bluff

When the mess is finally cleaned
I will be empty without soul
Left to try and fail again
Regardless of whatever has already been foretold


Sleepy Skylines

Empty as the sounds of a silent night
The stars ignite a light within
We are written upon the ceilings of skyline
Our names carved where the ends of earth begin

Touch the horizon
feel the surrounding space
sift through clouds and constellations
beg the galaxies to know their million ways

The skies know no limitations
only of imaginations so bright
Close your eyes and soar to new heights
indulge your fantasies in interstellar sights




To love and lose

I cannot always speak
of the million different ways
we tried and failed
to resurrect our days

The efforts and attempts
to fix the broken
trying and hoping
to reveal the unspoken

We live together
miles apart
we know things will end
before they even start

Still we live
as if love is a gift
we bury our hatchet
putting away the thoughts of rift

Sometimes I think
this life is fit for others
for those prepared for the storm
not a safe place for torn lovers

If we were given another chance
we would take it without asking
what we had always wished for
was a long love everlasting


The letters dropped through my mail slot
whenever life pleased
They addressed my needs
everything I ever wanted
everything I wished to succeed

When I finished school
they offered options for college
they said I was smart
that I could affordably increase my knowledge

If I was hungry
they’d drop in coupons
for all the different foods I could imagine

If I was lonely
they’d drop in ideas
for all the places I could visit and attractions

If I was feeling rich
they’d ask me to invest money to increase my wealth
If I was feeling sick
they’d offer me options for pharmacy treatments and good health

When I was sad
the letters no longer dropped
through the little metal slot
When I was happy
the letters came once again
dropping in as if they never stopped

They usually had my name
written in block letters
Sometimes they were generic
and I think it was for the better

The letters come less
now that things have changed
I used to wait with joy
for those letters prearranged

Nowadays if they come
they’re usually just bills
the same old requests for payment
hardly fit for a life of thrills

When I feel down
I think back to the love professed
The little pleasure of life
Back when the letters of life were the best

Life in a day

Today I woke up early
brushed my teeth, showered, and got ready
Made hot coffee, and enjoyed every sip
took on the day
after watching a few clips

I jogged and read
wrote and ate banana bread
watched a movie, listened to music
danced by myself, went to work
came back home, still alert

Do you know
my little secret?
The hundred different ways
and the million reasons I keep it?

I live life in a day
one day at a time
no sense in what’s behind
what’s ahead I know I will find

At night I listen
for the beating of my heart
I feel nothing in my chest
I hear nothing but the dark

Since I gave up on heaven
and I don’t believe in hell
I’ll tell you my secret
if you promise not to tell

Every morning when I awake
I know I’m already done
Done as they come
but still start my life from day one