On society and politics

The divided world continues to further separate like oil and water poured together into a small cup. We share the same space yet we cannot agree on policies and programs given our convictions, ideals, and outlooks. Tensions rise, values differ, and people remain guarded to their own way of being. With such divisional rifts between politicians, personas, and neighbors, what will become of the world as it clams and shuts to difference and dialogue, and tries to walk backwards, away from past promises, rational dealing, and science?

A foray into popular modern media can quickly expose opportunists, naysayers and conspiracy theorists ready to hold their ground and take on any challenger to their point of view. People would rather defend a false belief than swallow a small amount of pride to accept science, history, and fact for the greater good of humanity and understanding. Niche sects of outrageous schools of thought, such as holocaust deniers, 9-11 and other conspiracy theory believers, and people who buy into “alternate facts” as a way of satisfying their soul when truth does not sit well with them, have taken over the realms of modern life and misinformation.

As we threaten to destroy decades of accepted, tried and tested scientific findings, the questions remain about politics and the political games of division and conquering. On many occasions, simply taking an alternate stand to a rival politician has fueled the success of bipartisan politics, much of which is rooted more in power struggle and money than anything else. From climate change to poverty to other significant issues affecting the modern world, denial and dissociation from fact have led the world astray from protecting itself as a global society. Furthermore, the minds of many are swayed by the actions of few, and many would rather hold on to the notions that their “way of life” is threatened to accept fallacies and misconceptions, than simply understand the facts and figures, and the ever important “why’s” of life.

The power of the ultra-elite and rich in the US, who fuel an almost “government behind the government” in terms of lobbying power and safe guarding of intent and interests, often at the hands of the low-income families who blindly support them, is undeniable. Usually voting against their own interests and against pragmatic policies pledging to truly support them, much of the uninformed masses do not realize the damage done to their own societies and well-being by their misguided actions. Many do not care to listen, feeling more as if they are being attacked than informed.

As the world backtracks into political darkness and a dearth of dignity and integrity, what remains to be seen is if political brazenness and cunning will also reverse course from the current political climate. It is difficult to truly go back in time as society but learning from history, which often repeats itself in different shapes and forms, is pivotal. Whether the world wants to open its eyes to the truth in front of us remains to be seen.

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