Broken freedom

I watch you wither
like colorful petals upon frozen stems
the blemishes on your skin
are immortal experiences
of a figure so cold and thin

Do not reach for forgiving sunlight
the blossoming burns upon your limbs
enough to churn stomachs so frail
The violence inflicted
upon a silence so blameless
calms the holes and sears upon your windless sails

Without worry, you weep
without hurry, you speak
feet never to leave the ground
It is not love you have found
when your head is spinning around
seeking the pieces of liberty
that you’ve never been truly allowed

Rise for the morning
and settle for night
the heavens are open for us to observe
Take a look up at the lights
and stars so bright
and down only to cherish the pieces of you’ve preserved

Sunken Ships

My heart does not sink upon waters of worry
murky waves weathering the worst of weather
I dip in disaster and dive into doom
driving away the demons of devastation
away from the depths of these submerged rooms

Fear never wonders of our health
hardly heaving the good bearings of our stifled breaths
Left to wonder about life asunder
the blunders of ours brain take aim
at life left maimed without our willingness to go under

Graveyard shift

Is it not my identity that flames?
Under 90 proof liquids
The burial of my being at the hands of fire
Burning as it barrels down my barren throat

My esophagus grows thorns like a cactus
Parched in the deserts of my uncharted soul
The flames burn blue upon my skin no longer natural
Emerging a creature
of sullen and sunken modern features

The paleness of my eyes
does little to ward off the encroaching darkness upon my skin
dingy as the shadows
in which I often lurk

But in God we trust
And work we must
At dawn we are indigenous
to an earth so alien at dusk


Colors of revenge

The revenge exacted
upon each pore and skin cell
by the voices of yesterday’s ghosts
is constant inside my pumping heart

I will not apologize for my colors
but the shades of society held so high above others
a persistent reminder
a mental note gone sour between my ears
like a tale that fails the fate of scorned lovers

Ugly does not know the true nature of our skin
as skin does not show what really lies within
but I brim with hope that tomorrow will cope
with burdens of today’s whims and strokes

Silent is the nighttime

As silence sweeps through my ears
I count upon my fingers the breaths it takes
to trap my heart
in the void of beautiful nothingness

For miles in each direction
I sit inside the skin of nature’s barren soul
pouring infinitely into the emptiness
like fluid to a bottomless cup

The rustling trees
and the landscape peppered with mud and ice
breathe quietly inside my eyes
waiting to come alive
and be endlessly unheard

The frigid mute air
gutted and peeled to winter’s fancy
breathing itself into a soundless sapphire
which is the shining of the nighttime sky
passing into flight with my breath

This night will not sleep
this night shall not speak
I awaken the meek within
to cut through the sounds of my heart
when the nighttime begins