Upon pasts and futures

When I awake, I feel the chill of autumn descend over my home. The sunshine splays through the blinds, and I am happy to have woken. Without tossing or turning, I enter into the morning routine so precious and hearty to my being. I am a man of mornings, relishing the early hours before time takes its effect upon my daily continuum. Writing, reading the news, and a stroll with the dog have grown staple to a routine existence. I cross between activities, bridging the familiar with the fresh and new, the old with pleasure of the moment.

Approaching the end of the week, the days behind leave the days ahead to be wondered. The daily grind, the hustle of minutes and hours, the pains and the joys of the week lay strewn in both directions. Completing each day in a persistent glare, scaling and conquering challenges leave the body worn and twisted. Regeneration and respite charge the physical being, the soul shaped by experience and the body molded by the contours of everyday life. There are days to conquer ahead, and there are seas of existence left to explore behind. I travel slowly in both directions, the past shaping outlook and the future guaranteeing the unknown.

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