I looked at my passport
and was surprised by my face
The photo dark and reddened
and my eyebrows thicker than I thought

There were numbers and codes
and dates and expiration
with places to sign
for all the places to go to

I know home
and I know away
just as I know my face
may have gone astray

Do I look like my countrymen?
Do I have similar features?
Am I a naturalized alien?
No longer an extraterrestrial creature?

Sometimes in the mirror
things are not as I imagine
or is it the bathroom light
washing away all that is dark and fragile?

When they check my photo
they no longer ask much
“What’s the purpose of your visit?”
Without real hints of mistrust

Maybe I’ve found acceptance
maybe my face has changed
Or maybe it’s my passport and nationality
that are no longer causing me pain

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