A life of work

Working the self to extremes in pursuit of minimal wealth only to lay at rest at the end of the day and repeat the cycle. The only warmth afforded by a life so demanding in the touch of the softened pillow that whispers sweet nothings into the darkness. As I lay contemplating my aching limbs and outstretched skin, wondering whether the morning rush of energy is only to bring life into a false swing.

There is pleasure in work and the dear necessary burdens of thwarting the hands of laziness through progress and pursuit are essential. However, there are no barriers between the weight of the world and breaking points of humans. When life throws all that it has at once to divide and conquer individuals and families through mishaps and misgivings, it is easy to wish to turn away and crawl out into a life of irresponsibility and ease. It is simple to step down and walk away but it is quickly learned that there is no escape from the ticking hands of time nor the fate afforded to those who await long enough to accept it and move on. The degrees of separation are useless in distinguishing between those who bleed red in bodies of different colors and creeds. The human condition is as universal as it separated and segregated.

There is little that can be done against the slow breaking barrage of life. Through turmoil and slow aging, through disease and discomfort, the skin grows thick as patience wears thin, and what is experienced within is harder to set aside for the sake of continuance. There is little left to dream when the systems of reality continue to keep us busy and occupied while slowly starving us in promise of food and a few extended comforts.

What it must be, to attain all the wealth in the world and yet rely on hope and happiness to propel the self ahead. What it must be, to have happiness and hunger rotating roles at the forefront of a life of poverty. There is little to stop people from living the life they wish, only to be misguided by the dominance and the majority manipulated and so happily occupied with our machine. People who choose the wrong despite knowledge and those who turn a blind eye in defeated acceptance are not always to blame. It is time and circumstance to blame and it is part and parcel of existence to suffer through the storm in wait of the sunshine.

It is also a shame to await brighter days, only to reflect on the scars incurred in the rain. But such is human nature, holding humans limbo, suspended in a space where darkness and despair offer hope in the form of some worthwhile prize, no matter how small or reparatory it may be, and success is merely held high on pedestals through our visions and the disguises yet to be unraveled by our ambitions and our failing eyes.

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