An Evening in the Mission (2016)

I am at a table, looking out from the window to the dark rainy streets. The sirens ring on occasion, the yells of the people passing up and down these streets are forever in the air. The neighborhood is a mix of sights and sounds unique to those from climates of quiet and restful night.

The neighborhood breathes life. The homeless, the young professionals and intellectuals, and the older residents all add exceptional flavor to this street laboring for a piece of the pie. I have been here many times but I am always captured by the contrasts in morning mist to the musty weekend air of parties and dinners, and of young revelry. These are the changes that occur though the days and weeks that speak volumes on the diversity of the Mission.

The markets are hosted in an eclectic fashion. They bring the tastes and atmosphere projecting a unique cultural identity. They are different in the face of the same, resistant to the changes occurring when confronting new ways of life.

The Mission is a home to those passing through, coming and going through the years. People will move on while others will move in. Through these migrations, the importance and essence of the mission must always remain true in its openness to all who come through the neighborhood.

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