in cages where we sit
faces charred
in dark corners
ordered for captivity
but free as birds we shall be
when the windows to the soul
reveal the untold
to those who peer
into the cells of our imagination
for a tragic creation in captivity

a consequence of the world
and all it does not have to be

Things I know

There is a man I know
he is as strong as an ox
he knows how to fight
and he knows how to box
But words were always a wonder
and the tongue was built to steal his thunder
his mouth a giant blunder
for he fumbles whenever he talks

There is a woman I am told
she is beautiful and she is bold
her heart made parts in gold
but she searches high and low
for a man of similar mold
and all she finds when she looks behind
are partners so empty and cold

There was a little boy I once met
he would play all the time
but it was mostly to forget
He had all the toys in the world
but not the company of other boys or girls
so he would play in front of his home
and his mother would cry and ask him why
all he ever did was want to play alone

There was a small dog I once saw
he hobbled along slowly
with something wrong in his front paw
he stayed close to his master
for he always feared disaster
his front paws plastered and tongue swinging from his grunting jaw

There was a big fish I once noticed
he watched the other fish in his tank die and get bloated
he swam so much
to avoid the glass floor’s touch
he passed away from exhaustion
and up to the top of the tank he floated


Sometimes, I struggle to see you in the cold light, disintegrating into a sight of distant rubble
sometimes I think the trouble is me
but at most times, you are somewhere beyond where I can see

Sometimes, I walk long distances in ice cold weather
my skin as dry as leather
in hopes that one day we might get a little better

Sometimes, I see you fine and well
alive in the day, where it is okay to walk away from yesterday’s shell

Sometimes, I sit and wonder
under cool breeze and distant thunder…until lighting strikes and I run for cover in the open fields of our spectacular blunders

Sometimes, I say it is okay and it will be fine in this life of ours
under ice storms and rain showers
what was, will be
and what is to come…we’ll see

Sometimes, I sit and think for days
my head grazed by stagnant craze
until I awake in the middle of my stride
and run away forever and always