Rich in thought bought not from papers
for money grows on trees
and monkeys swing from branch to branch in search of disease so green
cleanse these cages from the wages of lust
with due course fulfilled we turn to dust

Billed for our time, a game of currency so divine
“in God we trust”
in building pyramids schemes, we shine
with closed eyes and open mouth
the ticking clock of time finds those between the lines

An arm and leg for sanity of head
a debt and lost bet for humanity in dread
the pressures to obtain treasures measured in wealth
they say in the end nothing holds true but the pleasures of health

Go on with pursuits, do not stop until infinite gains
the ounce of sunlight in rain for the dance of real life in vain
the creases grow on these priceless papers so wrinkled
but clutch onto this glory to live a story so simple

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