They take who they cannot contain
reject those who are already ordained
maintaining a status quo
whose, may I ask? I really think you should not know

You are stolen, rejected, abused, neglected
for a piece of pie you wished for your dreams
have the whole cake and eat it too
when your time comes for a dip in the golden stream

Worked so hard and now it your moment
the desires you wish are to the world our only omen


Captive on a ball of mass
winds, waves, and plots of grass
breathing until you turn crass with anger
a sensible man but to life a stranger

You are without common sense
but with intelligence unique
the holder to the key of life
but the door is unlocked for you to walk free

Rearrange the stars for the perfect constellation
only to find boredom in unearthly creations
I must go far, far as my eyes can see
only to turn back into a life that is right for me


I look away as I did when I was young
holding my tongue, stating my silence on arrival
I keep no rivals
holding grudges only against my own revival
a stake in your survival
speaking from true heart
from the start I am blunt
inside I am soft but upfront
and I will one day want you to speak
for now I remain calm in my desires so meek


Dangled upside down from heights so tremendous
to shake out the fears, the tears, the words I hold near
the angst removed from clothing, brooding battered without bruising
clean my pockets
shake the thoughts from my linings
from the compartments in my boots
until all is released from my body
and the gripping force that lays hand on my throat
shall choose to let me free with warning in note

A winner

I have won a lottery
distributed through the touches of chance
gifted to me by the comedic strings of organized chaos

Grateful I am, for a hand in the pot
to pull out my acquisition at will
flowing through me in currents
my fingers on the prize
a ball point pen for acquisition of endless means

I spend in strokes across the page
the currency in cursive
notarize my notes with trademarks of hope
scribbling checks of mind that I wish to endorse in endless value

Words sufficient for the hopes I envision
acquiring papers that grant truest value

The sacrifice so strange

Sacrifice your intelligence
for confidence in superficial
throw out your pen
for the acceptable pursuits of men

Lift the sword
in due accord
so proud, so vain
with more to gain from the lessons in brain

If I wish to see past the material
the visceral, the moral
the vile, the feral
the perils of pressure
the measure of men under pretensions of treasure

I shall offer you my jewels
for the sake of barter
give me your deepest knowledge of life
a superficiality that shall make me smarter