Blotched from the mind of ink
splattered across thought for inquisition
blurt out colors through eyes on pure canvas
a collage of splashes strewn into abstract

A flare of idea, a fine stroke of confusion
paint with my fingers the knowledge of minds
smear the spectrum of shades over blank tones of clarity
crush paint into an outrageous outburst

Fractured frames stenciled outside the lines
blossoming within, a colorful chaos
solid shapes attempt holding firm to their structure
tarnished and streaked to defy convention


The dull grey sky fills volumes of empty books with clouded text
experienced by some, intended for all
the succulent story of our souls absorbed into the atmosphere by the draining force of a somber mother nature
only to douse those who dare venture out
with our experience marked in cold liquid darkness

A drop for every story
shapes and sizes, similar but unique
a billion little tales
for our giant story

it is but one downpour
it is but one day
only a single afternoon
spent along the way


A fleeting feeling of escape
Now fulfilled in Summer’s bloom
The flowers, the grass, the trees
assist a path out to a world that is pleasing to tired eyes

The swans will move across the lake
The current in the river shall take me with the flow
The bright sound of nature, the quiet glow of rural features
Take me near to a world of landscapes
Bring me close to earthly creatures

Summer Cottage

The beauty of summer houses that embody the mysteries and truths of family history. Photos, utensils, furniture, all remaining fixated in place for coming generations to experience. These are the traditions of families and gifts of family past.

Sitting in the attic, a feeling of familiar comfort has crossed my eyes upon climbing the stairway leading to my bed. As I sit with a pen in hand, the ducks in the lake outside flutter and fuss before gliding off into the sky.

The ever present midnight sun shows little sign of setting, arising through the clouds to greet us upon our arrival to the coastal town. The open fields and forest are the main feature, the sauna and sun the side attraction and family at the core of this adventure.

Into the Countryside

A vast bridge,leading into the wilderness. Slopes of trees, the water that floods the mud banks. The special Finnish countryside that offers a glance into the world of nature that so often evades the lives of city inhabitants.

A trip further north from Helsinki, the highway ends and small roads take precedence in the rural areas. The large farms and barns sit aside the one lane roads. Large trees covered in leaves of plush green, the grey of the road today blends into the overcast skyline.

A trip true to tradition for a weekend into the wild Finnish countryside, the next few days will be soaked, whether sun or rain, definitely in sauna and sea. A Finnish tradition of escaping to greener pastures in the summertime, life moves slow in the warmer season. The cottages, sausages, and dirt roads leading into endless forest grounds embody the spirit of this Nordic nation. A slower pace of life, a relaxed atmosphere and emphasis on family are the staple sentiments shared by inhabitants of the thinly populated nation.


A long ride into the countryside
head against window, glass against forehead
the young years of travel, the old days of long voyages
take me to a place I have never seen
bring me to a world I have yet to discover

I want to go far, I hope you stay close
let us travel together from mountain to coast
in search of fine experiences of exploration
show me the world as it was meant to be
Let us travel to an earth
that we wish to see


A creative spark to light up the mind
the brightened bulb that illuminates with ideas to feed energy
a voracious voltage liberating the visceral
for careful contemplation and contention within this inner world

The electric passage sending glare into ghoulish vats of vast vacancy
feed into my soul an abstract of ravenous vigor
to ravage the plague of dull idleness
bringing forth a new dawn of creative effort

Reap the fruits from the tree of thought
harvest the fields in search of phenomenal freedoms
continuing to grow with pen in hand
reaching into the world in search of food for thought


Low clouds bring earnest grey to my road
wind in the drizzle, sprinkling my face with little droplets of mist
my hood pulled over my head, a film of water trickling down my rain coat
Fluttering shutters that clash lightly against the windows that hold families tucked away into a world of cozy happenings

Far enough to be safe from stormy climate
sufficiently near to appreciate nature’s gift
twilight horizon that keeps us a world apart
the warm home that keeps us huddled close together

Dark evening looming large overhead
against a cool breeze carrying in night to melt away the suns cemented appearance
let me be forever out in this open expression of elements
absorbing an atmosphere fit for humble families
from the souls of kings that reign thunderous in clouds


Lay bare, great statue
show us your might
the birds in flight that take repose upon your heavy shoulders
gain might in your presence, develop strength in your surrounding

Your decay into the green, no match to your worldly presence
how tall you stand, for the earth to see your accomplishments
through the seasons of ice and storm
to brighter days for us to take seat on the benches in your vicinity

Hold firm your sword, ride haughty your horse
the chipped copper knuckles, your magnificent core prepped for admiration

Hanging high in the balance of a moment in time
the world must celebrate your splendor
but little do we know about your location
and lesser do we know about your life


Many a moment spent in study
For the sake of understanding
In thirst of superior knowledge
To explore parts and particle of theoretical substance

The practical core of our existence
The substance of our queries, the questions that arise from our answers on the path to information
Will curious, bright minds bring clarity through the fog?
To keep the cycle of information flowing, for the sake of progress and positive continuation

From the older generations that facilitate free thinking
To the young minds that continue to discover and create our world